Bridgewater Church’s Podcast

Better Decisions. Fewer Regrets. Emulation- Is it what Jesus would do?

November 17, 2019

Series: Life is complicated.  The amount of decisions you have to make each day can seem endless.  And while the Bible might help us navigate "spiritual" issues, where do we turn to find guidance in the "practical" areas of our lives?  Can the Bible help us there?  If the Bible doesn't mention my specific circumstances, does that mean it's silent on the subject?  What if we could learn how to understand and handle God's Word in a way that helps to guide us through every decision we encounter-whether spiritual or practical? This series explores three biblical principles that can help us make better decisions and experience fewer regrets.

Sermon: Who did you most want to be like when you were younger? Who would you have said was your role model? the Bible tells us that we should be imitators of God-looking to him as our ultimate "role model." This sermon helps us understand how striving to emulate Jesus can actually help us make better decisions by encouraging us to ask the question, "Will it be what Jesus would do?"

Scripture Passage 1 John 2:1-6

Speaker: Barry Kilmer